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Blanchard, Idaho

Ownership Calendar at Stoneridge Resort


Usage Options

  • Use your own timeshare week - Each week is deeded ownership which assures you use your condominium each and every year.
  • Book your friend into your condominium for your timeshare interval.
  • Place your unit in the Rental Program and receive 60% off the net proceeds.
  • Participate in the resort's internal trade program, Stoneridge Internal Time Exchange, SITE.
  • You can also rent a week or a day or two that belongs to another owner - mini vacation.
  • Deposit your timeshare week with an exchange company of your choice. (For best possible trading power, deposit at least a year ahead of your timeshare week.)
Not an owner yet?  Feel free to contact our staff at Stoneridge Resort and we will share information on resale weeks for sale!  Contact Jane Geray at os@stoneridgeresort.com or dial 208-437-2476

Current Timeshare Management Assessment Fee Schedule

Online Maintenance Assessment Payment for owners only: Fiscal Yr 2024-25 Maintenance Fee

Pay Now Online Payments: Make sure you include the convenience fee if paying via debit or credit. 

Convenience Fee for Debit/Card Card: Studio +$10 Small One Bedroom +$15 Large One Bedroom +$19 Two Bedroom +$24 

Discount for Paying Cash/Check/ACH Online Payment if Using an electronic/ach (direct from your checking/savings account) -Please decrease your assessment payment by $3 if NOT using a debit/credit card

Paystation charges a fee of $1.25 per transaction


Note: Click the following links for that Exchange Company's Website.
RCI Points877-968-7476
Interval International800-252-5121
Platinum Interchange800-854-2324
Trading Places International800-365-1048
Hawaii Time Share Exchange866-860-4873
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